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KSWV radio plays a critical role in local elections by providing a platform for candidates to directly connect with their constituents. It allows candidates to communicate policies and ideas that fosters informed decision-making among voters. Moreover, KSWV radio offers voters a chance to better understand the candidates and their positions on important issues which may move a registered voter into the voting booth.

Advertise for as low as $70 per week

Candidates are able to get their message across the airwaves, everyday, for as little $70 per week. To find out how, email

Reasons why your campaign should consider radio advertising

Advertising on KSWV radio can be especially beneficial for your candidacy for several reasons:

Hyper-Local Audience: KSWV is local, ensuring that candidates reach a highly localized audience of Santa Fe voters who are directly impacted by the issues and policies relevant to the election.

Cultural Relevance: Santa Fe is known for our rich cultural heritage. Advertising on KSWV allows candidates to connect with our diverse and culturally significant people in our community, thus demonstrating an understanding of our local culture and values.

Community Engagement: KSWV often hosts community-focused conversations during our Morning Show, that provides candidates with opportunities to engage with the local community directly and participate in discussions that matter to voters in Santa Fe.

Cost-Effective Reach: Advertising on KSWV can be more cost-effective while offering substantial reach within our community, allowing candidates to maximize their campaign budgets.