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Al Hurricane Jr. returns to The Santa Fe Plaza

Baile de la Gente features Al Hurricane Jr.

Friday September 10th 8pm-10pm

Al Hurricane Jr., the Godson of New Mexico music, and a fiesta fan favorite, returns to the Santa Fe Plaza this year with what promises to be an exciting evening of musica, cultura y herencia! 

To purchase a copy of this CD, visit the following link;

Que Viva La Fiesta CD

1. La Fiesta de Santa Fe (Al Hurricane Jr. the “GODSON”. 2. Flor Del Rio 3. La Marcha De La Fiesta 4. El Valse De La Fiesta 5. Sentimiento (Albert Nelson Sanchez) 6. Puno De Tierra 7. La Cumbia Medly 8. Adelita 9. Mi Amigo (Roberto Carlos) 10. La Marcha De La Fiesta (long version) 16:07 11. La Conqistadora (Adolfo Pedro Maes)

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